A Blank Page

I have been thinking about how we view the start of a new year and the importance we attach to it. Many quotes describe it as the start of a new book or a new chapter within an existent book, giving us the opportunity to write new adventures to our life’s story. And indeed, that is very true.


A new year allows for new opportunities – opportunities to set new goals, accomplish new ambitions. Maybe there are unaccomplished goals from 2016: you never mended that broken relationship, bought that new bicycle, finished that watercolor painting, saved enough to take that trip. These are not failures but the special thing is that we can have another chance to accomplish these dreams.

Life is so dynamic, fluid. Our day to day lives can become extremely hectic that at times we do not always stop and take stock of what is happening around us. And even though we might be blessed to wake up and see a new day roll into a new month and then into a whole year, rarely does it seem that we evaluate our situations until the dawn of a new year when we think we have the time to give more attention to our goals.


One thing that I have observed and try to do is to make realistic goals. I am often accused of wanting perfection. So, I approach a new year (with the exception of 2016 when I was out of focus on many levels) with the view that even with these goals, life will throw curve balls and I will not always be able to accomplish the goal I have set myself. It is a tough acknowledgement but it is my fail-safe.


Having a plan helps with achieving that goal, that special vision you have birthed. And it is okay when we when meet with setbacks, remember, it is not the end. Like me, you might have to discard that perfectionist mindset, revamp your plan through evaluation, talk to someone who has the knowledge you might need; and, most importantly – GET BACK UP AND START AGAIN!


I pray that whatever you set out to do this year, that you use these new 365 pages as best you can. We do not have the luxury of picking up a giant eraser and correcting some of life’s events. But we can live one day at a time, being as true to who we are and bring a little more light and love into our world.


—Tasha, UYJ


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