You don’t need permission – An open invitation

A little slimmer. Different textured hair. Cup size B. Cuter nose. Better off financially so I could travel more often. Hook up with the guy of my dreams. More resources to give to those who need. Sexier, curvier, hotter.

Just a few of the changes I’d make if I had a magic wand. Being honest, at times I can pick faults with any and everything about myself. I don’t dwell in that place though. But I guess our unhappiness can sometimes lie in comparing ourselves to someone else; and, living in this era of reality television and the ease with which we can have every kind of surgery under the sun, wanting to adjust our physical selves can weigh heavily on our minds.

But even with that said, there are so many things I love about who I am and would never change about myself. Like my smile, my eyes, my kind heart, loving personality, hardworking nature, quirkiness, wit, curvaceous frame and creativity.

For me, being comfortable in my own skin has been a work in progress and it has become easier to flourish.

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How? I work on those aspects which I can improve on. I do what I can to stay active and maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle. I surround myself with like-minded friends, people who are uplifting and not dream killers. I carve time out for myself when life becomes overwhelming (as it does). Sometimes this downtime can be going to my fave coffee shops and bistros, hanging outdoors with my daughter or relaxing at home; activities that lighten the load and brighten my day.

It makes no sense comparing myself to anyone else on this earth. I will never be them and they can never be me. I firmly believe that taking stock of my life has allowed me to put measures in place to be a better person. Self-improvement is crucial for growth, for development.

There are benefits to personal growth: –

  • you become more aware of who you are, what makes you tick;
  • you put yourself in a better position to make informed decisions, maybe change paths and set goals;
  • you realise that in the face of challenges you are able to overcome and move forward with resilience, perseverance.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits to self-development and personal growth. A very important truth that I have found is…

Believe in yourself!

You do not need anyone’s permission to be YOU!

So go on! Write up that open invitation and put it where you will see it.

Just be yourself!


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4 thoughts on “You don’t need permission – An open invitation

    1. Thank you. People might not always feel that way about themselves, their situations might diminish their self-love. But at the end of the day, we should not depend on others to love us, to make us feel all the things we want to feel. Otherwise, many of us will be waiting til death. The journey to self starts with each one individually.

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  1. I love this! You are spot on! My go to advice for women I know who always (for some reason) come to me for tips on changing their lives, is you gotta love yourself before you can love others. You gotta ENJOY being with yourself. You can word it a thousand ways and it boils down to this.

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