Spread Your Wings

Why the Butterfly? Yes, if you know me you know I  them! I’m the owner of a lovely blue one, encased in glass. You see, these winged beauties never just start out as butterflies. They undergo multiple changes, what is called metamorphosis. Even with human beings, metamorphosis is INEVITABLE. It’s that magic that ensures change and growth. The adult butterfly will emerge once its change is complete. It sheds the old and gets ready for the new phase of life; seemingly setting aside what was known for a new way of being. It’s a transformation and at times people cannot fathom it. But, that TRANSFORMATION is personal, each chrysalis or pupa must undertake its own metamorphosis. This little creature bears it all and embraces the end result. 

Isn’t that like us, too? When the time is right we FLOURISH. We transition. Stasis is not permanent. Once the process is complete there is change in the course of one’s life, way of thinking, personality, interactions. Our POTENTIAL is uncovered and we begin to feed this new self.

The beauty is that as humans we can have this magical transforming process several times in our lifetime. It can be as painful or as joyful as you allow it. So CHOOSE. The end result can be something BEAUTIFUL, multicoloured and spectacular. Transformation can be a time for celebration, recognition of the human spirit to OVERCOME and endure. 

Hopefully you can see your stages of CHANGE, of GROWTH, of metamorphosis. We are always changing. It’s built into each of our journeys. It’s the way of life!


What is your attitude to change?

Do you fight? Resist? Or, embrace it?

Are you willing to take the journey?

—Tasha, Uniquely Yours Jewelry (UYJ)


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