Finding the Right Balance

*This post is also used for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the Side. The main photo was taken in NYC in 2015 and the second is of a custom design I did for a birthday gift in February 2017.

Balance in photography concerns capturing a photo in which all the parts are of equal visual weight. In my experience behind the lens, I have found that it is important to find the right balance between the subject I am trying to capture and the environment in which I am taking the photo. I tend to think of what qualities I wish to highlight in the particular piece of jewelry; which lens is best to achieve that look; what do I want the viewer and potential buyer to see about the piece of jewelry.


Whether left-right balance, ‘Rule of Thirds’, focus, symmetry or any number of other factors can work well in the composition of a photograph. What is also interesting is that at times, to play up a particular quality of a photo, it is necessary to create some imbalance. For a photo to have a particular movement or mood, you have to be deliberate about your focus in the frame.

But isn’t life a little like photography? Sometimes to achieve that perfectly composed photo of our lives, we have to create a little imbalance, whether comfortable or uncomfortable not just for us, but for friends, family and associates.

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