About The Blog

“The most difficult thing in life is to know oneself.” —Thales, Greek mathematician and philosopher

Hi, I am Tasha! Welcome to Uniquely Yours The Blog, the sister Page to Uniquely Yours Jewelry or UYJ, as it more familiarly called.

For 2017, I decided to become more involved on my blog and to further explore the creative side of who I am. My love for jewelry led me to make my own pieces, no longer for myself, but for others to enjoy.

In my early twenties, I wrote and collected two small folders of poems in English and Spanish,  most of them about the journey I was going through at that time as a young woman, trying to complete undergrad and finding my place in this world. So, I am hoping there is still some of that gift left, at least I tell myself so.

There is so much to us as human beings outside of our work self, family and social roles. Even though these roles are important, sometimes solace comes when we can step back, breathe and take a personal timeout.

This Blog is my timeout, my release. I want it to be my space for creative exploration in writing, for my photographs and other musings that my mind can conceive for public consumption 🙂  It will be the place for blogging and photographic challenges, writing prompts and other tidbits.

I hope you enjoy!

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So, once again, welcome!


I would love to hear from you!

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