Two People

The unfamiliarity of your touch And the hoarseness of your voice Has awaken me once again   So long we have shared the same bed Still you feign your loyalty To this…woman   My soaked pillow Squashed under my head As I lie next to your anxious body   “You’ve lied,” you said “You’re sorry,” you said She means much more to you   “I’ve … Continue reading Two People

Sweet Remembrance

*Nervous sharing this but it was written in 2001.   Ah! Morning’s light has roused me once again. A warm fragrance fills my senses, Stirring my entire being, taking me back to the drama that unfolded the night before. My body tenses.   The curtains whip about happily in the early morning breeze, Such as trembled my body just hours ago. The captivating scent on … Continue reading Sweet Remembrance

You don’t need permission – An open invitation

A little slimmer. Different textured hair. Cup size B. Cuter nose. Better off financially so I could travel more often. Hook up with the guy of my dreams. More resources to give to those who need. Sexier, curvier, hotter. Just a few of the changes I’d make if I had a magic wand. Being honest, at times I can pick faults with any and everything … Continue reading You don’t need permission – An open invitation