You don’t need permission – An open invitation

A little slimmer. Different textured hair. Cup size B. Cuter nose. Better off financially so I could travel more often. Hook up with the guy of my dreams. More resources to give to those who need. Sexier, curvier, hotter. Just a few of the changes I’d make if I had a magic wand. Being honest, at times I can pick faults with any and everything … Continue reading You don’t need permission – An open invitation

BIG: A point of view #1 – Developing Your Eye

Hi friends! For this challenge, I will do two photos which I believe satisfy the criteria – framing something BIG through my eyes where the scale allows for a prominent background and a smaller sized object in the foreground. This first was taken in the idyllic island of Barbados – where I am from! The cliffs are more prominent and the fishing boat, which I … Continue reading BIG: A point of view #1 – Developing Your Eye

Expectancy – Something Good

Giving birth is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling experiences I have had in my life. I carried her for almost nine full months and seeing her on that fateful July morning in 2008 was a blessing. Expectant mothers go through a range of emotions – elation, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, joy, concern. I guess it depends on the circumstances we as mothers find ourselves in. … Continue reading Expectancy – Something Good

Share your World | Pen to Paper

This is my second challenge post in two days. Wow! I am getting warm 🙂  Not nearly!!! My first was on the Daily Post here. So, thanks Cee for these questions. Let’s go! Would you prefer to receive a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle? A bicycle. Creature of habit, I guess. Although the daredevil in me says motorbike. What is one thing you’d like to … Continue reading Share your World | Pen to Paper